WOW, this is how we do a heat wave. It feels like we’ve been waiting a while for summer to arrive but it is definitely here now.


It is so important to stay hydrated and I often see low water intake in clinic and it is especially important in this weather.


This is the perfect smoothie to refresh on a hot day or freeze into ice pops and great for kids and adults alike.



½ watermelon

3 celery stalks



1.     Blitz together in the Nutri bullet and either serve with ice or add to lolly pop moulds and freeze overnight.



Health benefits


Watermelon as the name would suggest is full of water and very hydrating. The seeds have a high vitamin E content so great for anti-aging so keep them in. It also has a high lycopene content, which is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to have anti-cancer properties due to this.


Celery can assist with lowering blood cholesterol in some individuals.