Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping people achieve vibrant health...



Just to say your plan has been amazing.
I cried last Wednesday on the train as I felt like myself again! As well as feeling like a huge weight has lifted, I feel peaceful and calm, like I have lost about 6 stone and my energy is beginning to return. It’s been  a radical change so I have been trying to take it easy and be kind to myself and rest lots.


I have been working with Rebecca for four months after nearly two years of feeling peri-menopausal, with mood swings, very low in energy, dry skin, hair and nails, ever increasing weight gain and just not myself. During these last four months with gentle coaching to change my eating habits and tailored supplements to support my body I have been amazed at the improvement in my overall health, energy levels and sense of well-being, not least being back at 'wedding weight' which I haven't been for fifteen years! I would recommend Rebecca unreservedly.


I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help over the last 3 months. For the last 12-15 years I have struggled, despite my active life, and many diets, to shift and keep off the weight. Having lost just under 10kg in 3 months has been fantastic but more importantly I feel as though the program has “educated” me and changed my habits to at least give me the knowledge and motivation to sustain what has been achieved. Thanks again. 


Just to let you know I'm really happy with my food and love being creative and have lost 11lb so far so I'm feeling good. Definitely 💯 percent feel much fitter. 


I just wanted to let you know that I've just had the most "normal" period I've had for years - this is def working, no migraine, no plotting to bury my husband in the garden, just nice and straight forward


As a lady of mature years with a cholesterol level averaging 7 over the last few years. I have followed Rebecca's plan and have been eating more green vegetables, very few carbohydrates and increased exercise. As a result of this my cholesterol level has dropped to 4.7. and I've lost at least 7 pounds. My risk of a heart attack has dropped from 10% to less than 7%.Im really pleased with this result, thank you Rebecca.


"After feeling very poorly for many years with awful periods and being in a bad state of mind, Rebecca has helped me immensely with changing my entire mind set towards nutrition, exercise and meditation ideas. By setting clear and realistic goals towards these parts of my life, a few months on I feel a lot more healthy, I have lost a lot of weight (2 stone) and I feel so much more confident and happy in myself. Before going to Rebecca I had exhausted all medical options and had been a guinea pig in the hospital system, trying different medicines. Rebecca taught me that my food really is my medicine and that it is a real journey to get better. She is also an extremely kind and caring lady and I highly recommend her. "


"We have gone through our IVF and managed to get more eggs than I did on my previous attempts which is incredible so thank you so much for getting me there."


"Rebecca has been instrumental in transforming my health over the last three months. I have Crohn's Disease and after 15 + years of exploring every medical drug and treatment available I had stopped working, was unable to socialise or do many of the things I love with my young family all due to ill health. I saw Rebecca as a last resort as I was out of medical options. Immediately, Rebecca identified some root causes and gave me a clear path to restore my health through a combination of diet and supplements. She is honest about the challenges of some of the diet and has helped suggest alternatives so I can still have the odd treat without compromising my diet. My health is immeasurably better and I am looking forward to reducing some of my Crohn's medication and being free of some serious side effects. Additionally, my husband has recently had a health check and all of his stats have improved, despite not fully following the diet. Our household is happier, healthier and far more energetic than we have been in years. I couldn't recommend Rebecca enough - she is thorough, holistic and realistic. I would not have recognised myself just four months ago. Thank you Rebecca"


"Thank you so much for helping me to find the root cause of my health issue. I have talked to literally a dozen health experts and 4-5 doctors but you were the one who made the biggest impact with suggesting the comprehensive analysis. Thank you so much."

Client’s husband

"Thank you again. I really am blown away by how different my health and lifestyle is now compared to the summer. Incidentally, the part about my husband is completely true. He's just called me to tell me his annual health check has shown all stats in the normal range (previously high cholesterol, slightly high BMI and fat etc). He's lost 10% of his body weight, and has done nothing except have the same food as me at home!"


"I would just like to highly recommend this lady who helped change every day life for me. I was unfortunately suffering from feeling unwell for 2 years at a very important time in my life and was struggling to do anything due to ill health. I visited doctors, specialists, hospitals, even numerous trips to ANE and nothing was being solved and no progress was being made. I was constantly in bed, tired, extreme heartburn and reflux, pain and bloating to the point where I couldn’t even move or walk to relieve the pain at times. Eventually I turned to the nutrition path to understand my body better to relieve these symptoms I was having. I now know and understand my body completely and have been changed into a new person thanks to Rebecca! Something as simple as dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance! Something that the doctors took two years to figure out and my nutritionist took 3 months (if that). So please don’t wait and don’t struggle! Visit Rebecca and it could change your life!"


"I was having problems losing weight, feeling sluggish and had some problems with digestion. I didn’t want to go on another fad diet – they've always been such a bore and difficult to stick to long-term. After completing a confidential health questionnaire and having an informal, friendly chat, Rebecca provided me with easy to follow plan. For someone who thought I'd struggle to stick to a dietary plan I was amazed at how easy it was to follow. The results are: I feel energised, alert, I sleep better and I've lost 10lbs in 6 weeks!.The main reason I think its finally worked is now thanks to Rebecca I am equipped with the tailor-made information I need and have the optimal dietary recommendations suited to me and my busy lifestyle. Her help has been invaluable."


“Having suffered with insomnia for most of my teenage and adult life, I’d tried all sorts to tackle the crippling affliction, from keeping a sleep diary, having a hot bath and reading in bed, to medication prescribed by my doctor. While those did help in the main, there was still an underlying sense of something not being quite right and I would often still have bouts of insomnia that would last three or four nights, leaving me feeling zombie-like and useless each day. When I spoke to Rebecca about my problem, she tried to get to the root of it in a way that doctors hadn’t, and identified a number of things at play. I’ve been following Rebecca’s recommendations for a few months now and the issues I was experiencing have improved significantly. It’s amazing to think that just a few small tweaks and additions to your diet and lifestyle can make such a difference. I’m now healthier, less anxious and happier as a result.”


"Thank you so much for helping me to find the root cause of my health issue. I have talked to literally a dozen health experts and 4-5 doctors but you were the one who made the biggest impact with suggesting the comprehensive analysis. Thank you so much.

I returned from South America after travelling for six months and started getting bloating and pains in my stomach. I contacted Rebecca and arranged an appointment to have a consultation with her. Prior to the appointment Rebecca was very helpful and provide forms for me to complete to get the most from out session. I completed these and returned them to Rebecca prior to our consultation. 

At the consultation, Rebecca was very friendly and put me at ease. She made me feel relaxed whilst we went through the various issues I had. Very quickly after the meeting I received my plan. I had some queries in relation to it and Rebecca was quick to respond to these. 

I followed the two week plan provided and as a result I no longer have the pains and bloating. In fact, I have continued with much of what was recommended to me as I felt much better overall and it gave me easy ways to become healthier generally."


“As a very active sports person demands on your body can be intense one of my favorite sports is rock climbing and that requires a lot of finger strength and over the years exposure to extreme temperatures has led to some arthritis in the joints. This was one of the challenges for my nutritionist. She devised a plan, which by tailoring anti inflammatory food and supplements has overcome the pain and by following her carefully designed program over a eight month period I have reduced my body weight by one stone, increased my athletic performance to a higher level, improved my power to weight ratio. This has increased my confidence and enabled me to climb longer and harder routes.”


Afetr 4 weeks on the plan,  I have noticed a marked improvement  in my arthritis pain which is great.