Unfortunately we can often find ourselves experiencing times in our life where it feels like we are struggling to cope. Stress can hang around us and surround us in a fog.

We find ourselves trapped by emotional episodes feeling that anything might set off our tears and our mood keeps us feeling low - like we’re running on adrenalin.

All too often stress can affect our sleep and potential for rest too so we end up on a rollercoaster, feeling wired, then tired.

Perhaps you look in the mirror and you look washed out, like the twinkle in your eye has vanished.

Stress could also be showing in the appearance of your hair and nails and your immune system feels run down, picking up colds regularly.

If you feel like life has taken over and you’re fed up of pretending you’re fine, it’s time to get in touch with me.

My stress buster program has been designed to:

  • Increase emotional resilience
  • Bring back your positivity and optimism for life
  • Help you tackle the day, no matter what it holds for you!

You’ll feel like work and life are more in balance and that you are on top of things and you can say goodbye to running on adrenaline, freeing yourself from those health and illness niggles that used to slow you down


How does it work?

This is personal to you and is influenced by your thyroid/adrenals. We’ll assess how these are affecting you and your health with the aim to get to the root of what drives your stress and the effect this has on your body and mood.

The program starts with a stress profile to get to the root of the issue and support the solution arriving at:

  • The right foods to manage your lifestyle and thrive no matter what’s going on for you
  • The right vitamins and minerals so that you to feel improvement immediately - addressing any deficiencies that exist in your system
  • An understanding of your hormone levels to use the insight that holds
  • Your plan to meet your needs right now

This then forms the basis of our work together on the right stress busting solutions for you.

After one month you can expect to see and feel change in yourself, with the right nutrients so that you can manage the stress in your life and techniques for when those stresses arise.

This program includes 5 sessions over 5 months and combines a mix of in person and Skype contact.

Please note this is not a replacement for talking therapies, and yet, can compliment that support should you wish to seek it or are currently seeing a specialist.