Are you scared that despite a full life and thriving career, that you will never have the energy and healthy to ‘show up’ how you want to at the board table as well as the dinner table?

  • Perhaps you have luxurious holidays looming in your diary, but rather than looking forward to the rest and relaxation, the thought of a swim suit makes your tummy flip?
  • Have you noticed your moods going up and down and stress is also affecting what you see looking back at you in the mirror?
  • Is it troubling you that you more often than not feel maxed out and you’re struggling to go with flow? You find yourself being a bit short at home and at work?
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition but outside your doctor’s recommendation you are unsure of what else you can do, to heal yourself?

Being in full health and aware of our individual body’s needs is the missing piece to get back on track. And yet fad diets, quick fixes and generic, conflicting advice flood the Internet, making it difficult to know which way is up, and what to do to achieve the changes that mean the most to us.

But why should this matter to you?

Because when those changes start to integrate into your life everything starts to improve.


  • No matter the commute traffic, feeling calm and ready for that important breakfast meeting
  • Feeling mentally sharp to approach any task from a complex work question right through to how to handle your Mother in Law’s visit at the weekend
  • Buying stylish clothes that make you feel a million dollars knowing that they will fit like a glove and feel fantastic
  • Getting to the bottom of undesirable symptoms with ease and clarity and addressing autoimmune health issues that have stopped you losing weight
  • Having the feeling that you had finally cracked your relationship with food and your body and being free from the yo-yo dieting that may have plagued much of your life

This is all absolutely possible for you but, more than this, these are results my clients regularly report back as a result of our work together.

My name is Rebecca Pilkington and I am a leading, specialist nutritionist and metabolic coach, based in London but helping and supporting clients from all over the world achieve their weight and energy goals.

Today, my energy has never been better and I am no longer in conflict with my body. But it hasn’t always been this way. Working for years in the high pressured corporate world and being on an energy rollercoaster affected my mood, energy and weight.

I found myself

  • Repeatedly stuck in best intentions
  • Thinking I should have salad leaves but going for paninis
  • Depriving myself
  • Needing to break the cycle and take back control!

What worked for me is understanding what my body needed to support steady energy throughout the day. I have been able to do this and the change has stuck, even after becoming a mum!! 

Through diet and lifestyle I’ve managed to control my thyroid and reverse the autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s, that I had developed after having my son, avoiding medication. 

So, if you are struggling with decreasing energy and the pounds creeping on, I understand how you feel and I am here to help.

I am not here to simply give you food plans and watch from the sidelines. My approach is personal and supportive and combines very best practice nutritional advice with a bespoke approach, unique to you that allows food to be your medicine, not something to stumble over or hold you back.

My clients’ results give a guide to what you can expect to experience based on your unique health goals so you can be feeling and looking your best sustainably…

  • Losing weight in their sleep thanks to identifying their optimum metabolic state and working with this

  • Achieving post-baby weight loss and even slimming to a lower than pre-baby weight in a healthy and wholesome way

  • Feeling like a different person (I hear this over and over again!)

  • Energised and full of possibility

  • Busting the myths or beliefs you might have had about inherited issues to do with your ability to be well and have a healthy life

Don’t just take my word for it - check out my client testimonials here