Is Your Immune System To Blame For Painful Periods? Here's Exactly What To Do About It

"Times are changing and after centuries of silence, the conversation around periods and all things menstruation is becoming more and more open. With new mobile apps that track fertility and period pants trending, slowly and surely we're reconnecting with our bodies and everyone is learning a little bit more about women's health. 

The more we learn about periods, the more we realize that not everyone’s is the same—and there really is no normal. For some women their period comes and goes smoothly, but for others it brings debilitating pain, illness, and such discomfort that they can’t work or socialize. Many of them have endometriosis, a condition that currently affects a whopping 10 percent of women of reproductive age. Once rarely talked about outside women’s clinics, high-profile women (like Lena Dunham and Daisy Ridley) are now openly talking about their struggles with endometriosis, bringing the conversation into the public eye." Read the complete article here...

Stress Busting Tips and Complimentary Foods

March 25, 2015

"When we are stressed the body secretes cortisol, which is an important hormone created by the adrenal glands.  Cortisol is activated by the Sympathetic Nervous System and increases when the body has a ‘fight or flight’ response to stress.  In small amounts this has a positive effect on the body and gives us energy for survival. It also helps us control glucose metabolism, insulin release, regulation of blood pressure, immune function and our inflammatory response." Read the complete article here.

Fit for 40: what happens when you become a vegan ... for a week

“If done well and meat is substituted with a good protein source, plus a rainbow of different vegetables, going vegan can be a very clean way to eat,” says Nutritional Therapist Rebecca Pilkington. “Plants have a lower toxic load than meat and fish, which is beneficial to the body. Reducing our intake of toxins is anti-ageing, and many cancer experts recommend this as a good diet.” Read the complete article here...