Sun, sea, yoga and RELAX!

So I had the pleasure of visiting Amchara Health Retreat in Gozo and what a special few days it was. I spoke to the guests about understanding stress better to optimise health as this is really something I see regularly in clinic and wanted to give them practical tools to take away with them.

But what a weekend…

First of all, Gozo is so beautiful and tranquil, it really is a perfect get away. The retreat consisted of people juicing, those on the healthy living programme (ME) and a mix of the two. The guests ranged from marathon runners, there for some hill training, to those looking for weight loss or just some time out. For me I had two days to really make the most of the experience and being child-free meant I could properly relax.

The apartments surround a beautiful pool, and it was perfect for topping up your vitamin D levels in the sun. The facilities are great with a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and nice big rooms. I incorporated all of these into my daily routine to really optimise detoxification. With yoga offered on rising and late afternoon before sunset, it was the perfect tail end to the days. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more yoga into my life and both teachers were so inspiring that I have taken some of the moves to be part of my morning routine at home.

In addition to this I made the most of testing they had on offer and tried out their hypoxia therapy, which is altitude training, heart rate variability and the thyroflex.

They have a full therapy room offering complementary treatments from reflexology to massages. I had some reflexology, which was great and sent me to sleep, along with a body scrub.

The food was outstanding and you can see a couple of tasters below. All the food is organic and sourced from Sicily. The final icing on the cake (although definitely no cakes in sight) was the super friendly and helpful staff, some of whom started as retreat guests themselves. I would highly recommend and you could go with a friend or definitely a place you would enjoy on your own.

I left feeling lighter, brighter and browner!


If this sounds interesting, then do get in contact as I can refer you on so that you are rewarded with a free massage of your choice!