These muffins are the perfect family friendly snack and are not only free of sugar but they are nutrient dense. I made these with my favourite little baker and as you can see he was very keen to get stuck in so the photo needed to be quick.


They are gluten and dairy free too so should fit with most eating requirements. I have used a mix of buckwheat flour and gram flour. Gram flour is higher in terms of protein content with 22% over 13% in buckwheat (In comparison to 7% in normal white flour). Protein is essential for a slow release of energy and balancing blood sugar levels.


There is so much in the press about reducing sugar for children and it is really important but also getting them to eat real foods. Sugar not only adds to cavities in the teeth but moods too.


As I talk about in my ebook but stable blood sugar levels are important for adults and children alike. When we have high levels of sugar in our diet, then a young child’s body can’t process this and maintain balance. They have a sharp rise in glucose level, which is followed by a dramatic fall when this wears off. This cycle can mirror the hyperactivity or tantrums that we see as their energy goes up and down.


Eliminating sugar from their diet could reduce the frequency of these tantrums in addition to looking at other factors that are at play including exercise, sleep and television.



Banana and blueberry muffins


150g buckwheat flour

75g gram flour

2 eggs

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

½ tsp gluten free bicarbonate soda

pinch Himalayan salt

1 tsp cinnamon

100 ml hazelnut milk

75ml olive oil

150g blueberries

2 bananas



1.     Preheat over to 180 degrees and grease muffin tin with oil or use reusable silicon muffin holders and no need.

2.     Sift all the powdered ingredients together in a bowl.

3.     In a separate bowl beat the eggs and add in the olive oil and milk. Add in the mashed banana and whisk for 30 seconds.

4.     Then mix into the powdered ingredients to form a paste.

5.     Fold in the blueberries.

6.     Spoon the mixture into muffin cups and bake for 15-2 minutes or until risen and firm to touch.

7.     Place on wire rack to cool.