When we have issues with our health it is impossible to have optimal energy and wellbeing....

  • Perhaps you have an ongoing autoimmune condition that is getting worse instead of better and you believe there is a natural solution
  • Your hormones are so out of balance you don’t know whether you are coming or going;
  • Recent PCOS diagnosis that has lead you to want to explore food and lifestyle options to get those hormones back in balance
  • Endometriosis, or just extreme period pain that makes ou dread that time of the month

If any of the above feels familiar then let’s discuss as there is lots we can do with nutrition to help get the body back in balance.


When we achieve this state of balance in the body we can feel like a “new person”, refuelled with energy, bye former fatigued self and not only can you remember where you are going but you feel balanced, optimised and ready to get there.



How does it work?


  • Complete the health questionnaire for your free informative and complimentary session. This is your opportunity to ask questions and understand whether working with Rebecca is right for you. Start by completing the free online form and someone will be in contact to set up this call.
  • Comprehensive health consultation, which will include:
    • Health history
    • Symptom review
    • Lifestyle
    • Current and past diet
    • Previous test results
    • And anything else relevant to you
  • We may look to do undertake further investigation depending on your case
  • A personalised health program will be drawn up for you.