When we have issues with our gut and tummy it is impossible for us to ignore.

  • Perhaps you feel constantly bloated, full of wind to the point you worry you might look pregnant.
  • You suffer with diarrhoea or constipation and long for a regular toilet routine.
  • As well as toilet troubles you are feeling fatigued with brain fog and tiredness affecting your abilities to be present in the daytime and take on what life and work need you to.
  • You just don’t feel like yourself and you have known for a while that your digestion has not felt normal - you don’t feel relaxed unless you know where the nearest loo is.

If this feels familiar for you then let’s discuss how my tummy tamer program can help you rebalance and revitalise your life.

When we achieve this state we can feel like a “new person”, fully energised and not recognising our formerly fatigued, bloated selves. You can reclaim your energy via my digestive rebalance program...


How does it work?

We will begin by scoping your Digestive Plan for ultimate clarity on what needs to be addressed for you.

The program includes 5 sessions to work through the 4 step gut restore process and allows us to address your imbalance to optimise nutrition, over a 6 month period.

  • Welcome session and subsequent sessions support that insight to inform your bespoke plan for digestive rebalance

  • Included in this program is your stool test to address your imbalances, with full analysis of this.

  • Full dietary plan including supplements to restore your digestive health.

  • Email support provided throughout the plan.

This program includes 5 sessions over 5 months and combines a mix of in person and Skype contact.