Unfortunately old patterns and busy lifestyles mean we often find ourselves carrying weight around and shifting this can feel like a mountain to climb physically and emotionally.

Perhaps the weight crept on after menopause and diets that worked before are not working now.

Or you might find yourself at a time in your life knowing that something needs to change, and yet, you are increasingly clear that you won’t find the answer in another diet book or another workout video on YouTube.

It may be that you have tried every diet under the sun and although you are fitting in gym sessions where you can, the weight stubbornly remains.

This is where I can help you, whether it’s 7 pounds or 70 pounds that you would like to lose to feel good in your body

But it’s not just the weight loss that comes as a result - you can also expect to get back to the feeling that you’re back in control, re-energised and at peace with your body and ready to live life fully again


How does it work?

Clients first of all complete a welcome phase with me which includes...

  • A case review & functional physical exam via an initial appointment which is 75 minutes to achieve a:
    • Thorough review of your medical and health history
    • Review of your current diet and nutritional supplements
    • Body systems functional health assessment that can including in-office metrics such as body composition, fat %, visceral fat, blood pressure.
    • Review of any current & relevant blood work, providing you with some foundational nutritional advice to follow based on your case review and body systems assessment.
    • Order of any appropriate and more detailed blood work &/or functional testing
    • Written functional report and a bespoke plan to follow

From here I design a bespoke plan for you that activates the insight from your personal case review. I then deliver interim support to help keep you on track and at ease with the powerful changes you will start to quickly see and feel.

This program goes way beyond meal plans and diet advice - you’ll learn and establish new patterns that you can sustainably adopt for the lighter, brighter you that you long to be.

This program is delivered via 6 sessions: ideally session 1, 3 and 6 are completed in person and the interim sessions via video conference

Email support is also available so my expert advice and support is just a click away throughout your weight loss journey