So with the Great British Bake Off #GBBO doing free from week I thought I would join in too. So this is such an easy recipe and they are great hot or taste equally delicious the next day. Slightly sweet but can also be a great savory snack and great one for kids instead of opting for the ‘gluten free’ asile options, which can be very high in refined sugars. You can replace the natural yogurt with dairy free alternatives to make it dairy free too.



140g Whole oats

1 Eggs

75g plain greek yogurt. (I’ve also used regular yogurt)

1 bananas

½ tsp Gluten-Free Baking powder

Pinch Gluten-free baking soda

50g cup chia seeds

3 tbsp honey or maple syrup


Natural yogurt



  1. • This is the easiest recipe, just put it in your food processer and mix it up. You don’t need to do this for long, about 30 seconds.
  2. • Pour the mixture into well greased cake tins and this recipe should give you 12 muffins.
  3. • Cook in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
  4. • I used yogurt for the topping and added some blueberries but this can be whatever you fancy. Other alternatives include nut butters and variations of berries.
  5. • Eat toasty hot or let them cool, whatever takes your fancy!